I walk away from things that don’t support me being my best self. It’s the easiest thing to do…now. When I was drinking I ran toward the fire. I was ready to do anything and everything to numb myself and not have to think, worry, or make decisions. When I drank to oblivion I also didn’t do anything that was good for me. I didn’t exercise, my eating habits were sh*t (Taco Bell, anyone? Great for the hangover 🙄), my sleep was restless and unsatisfying, and personal hygiene went out the door. I treated others badly and was selfish and self-seeking to the extreme. After losing countless battles I finally surrendered to alcohol and slowly began to recognize that I’m worth the effort of staying clean and sober, working out, eating right, and following my intuition. It was right all along…I just had to give myself permission to hear it. Some days it seemed like an impossible feat to make it through without a drink. Those were the days I’d take fifteen minutes at a time until I could lay my head on my pillow and be so grateful I went to bed sober. There was never a morning that I said to myself “man I wish I got wasted last night”. I can’t count the number of times I said “ughhh I wish I didn’t get so wasted last night”. We’re all worth the effort to live our best lives. For me, that means being alcohol free. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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