One thing about my addiction is that when I started, it was FUN. It seemed like everyone I knew was drinking heavily on the weekends. I may have been the most wasted but I figured that everyone gets wasted in high school…college…20s…30s…40s….
I never realized that the normies could put it down without obsessing over their next drink. People could have a few and NOT EVEN FINISH their drinks!?! I found so many ways to justify my drinking to myself and others. I’d tell them that if they had my stressful life they’d drink too. I’d say that it was really none of their business. After a while I didn’t have to explain anything to anyone- they stopped asking. They also stopped calling or planning things with me. It’s hard to rely on someone who’s drinking, drunk, or too hungover to function. I got sober because I couldn’t imagine living one more day the way I had been. I didn’t eat, never slept, and didn’t know how to stop. I had to ask for help. It’s a horrible thing to promise yourself thousands of times that you’ll never drink again ; only to find your car steering you to the liquor store. Drinking against my own will added to my anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and panic. Alcohol took me to hell but I knowingly went along for the ride. When I couldn’t get off that ride alone I had to get the professionals involved. I work on my recovery every single day. It started out of necessity, now I know it’s the most beautiful way to live. Happy Friday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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