We talk about the effects of alcohol in one of our latest podcasts. Ethanol is a solvent: it breaks down and destroys. That’s it’s job. It’s my job not to consciously ingest it anymore. Physically my body was breaking down when I was drinking. I was puffy, the spider veins were kickin’, my teeth looked like shit, and everything about my GI health was bad. My liver functions were insanely messed up and for the first two months of sobriety my liver shot me a sharp pain every few minutes or so. The most incredible thing happened, though. Everything went back to normal after being sober for about six months. I may have ingested huge amounts of poison for decades but the body is an amazing thing. It all went back to normal. It takes a bit of time and patience but it’s more than worth it. I’m not prey to the mommy wine culture anymore. Life is too beautiful to waste. Happy Tuesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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