Sobriety Isn’t All Sunshine and Rainbows

When I first got sober, after I got through the horrible first weeks of wanting a drink so badly, I felt pretty great.

I had more energy. I liked waking up with a clear head and a clear conscience. I was proud to step up again as a parent.

I was getting my priories straight.

My physical, mental, and emotional health was 1000% better.

The I got used to all that. The fairy dust settled and I landed at a new baseline.

And I started feeling annoyed all the time. I was annoyed that I wasn’t getting a gold star every day I didn’t drink. And annoyed about how I still had adulting problems. And relationship issues.

I finally realized my life is still just my life. It’s not perfect. Sometimes it’s painful. But I’d rather be living it than just existing. And it’s good for me to remember no one promised me pure worry free happiness and serenity, if I just stopped drinking.

Taking steps toward a happier, more fulfilled life is what get to work on now. But I wouldn’t even have the chance if I was still drinking wine like water.

Keep it simple, sober family.

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