One thing I could never drink away was the fact that I had zero credibility anymore. People couldn’t count on me. They could bring up anything I did when I was in the cups and I couldn’t deny it. I had no clue what I did. By the end of my drinking I blacked out every time. People could say I robbed a gd Dollar Tree and I’d be like oh … that’s some shit huh? How insane is that?
My dentist used to ask me how much soda I drank. I’m not a soda drinker so I’d say maybe one a month. He’d look at the hygienist like oh bless her lying heart bc my teeth looked awful. Come to find it was all the wine I drank which converted to sugar (or something like that – I’m no chemist but it’s along those lines).
I actually have some money now. I actually have solid relationships. I wake up happy instead of pissed off. The gifts of recovery are amazing. I wish I could’ve seen them ten years ago but it takes what it takes and I can honestly say I did enough research to finally accept defeat and surrender. Happy Sunday, sober family. Keep it simple today!




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