Merry christmas

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas 2020! It feels like seven years since last Christmas to me. So much has happened since last Christmas …good, bad, and somewhere in between. If I was still in active addiction I don’t think I’d have made it to Christmas this year. I finally learned how to deal with life on life’s terms without taking a drink or a drug to do so. When I was in the cups, every Christmas (as a mom) started with a hangover (or wine flu 🙄), anxiety, and panic that I didn’t have everything ready or that I left out my bottles for someone to find. I’d have to hide the empties because I didn’t want my parents to see them. I never enjoyed the magic of Christmas because I was fighting just to keep my eyes open and my nausea at bay. When I was in my 20s, sometimes I missed family Christmas altogether. It just seemed easier that way. If you ever want tips on avoidance, I’m your girl, though I wouldn’t recommend it. Whatever I avoided always came back to me in some way. The universe works like that and anything I chose not to deal with came back- seemingly with a big ass kick in the gut. I deal with it sober now, though. No more numbing. I care way too much about this life to drink or use. I can’t wait for my family to get here. I can’t wait to experience the magic. The best gift I can give them all, though, is a clean and sober daughter, mother, sister, and friend. Merry MERRY CHRISTMAS, sober family. Keep it simple today.♥️




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