I’m not alone in that I tried, and failed, to get sober in the past. When I was in my 20s people said I was insane. They also said that a drinker like me could never do it. I proved them right. In my 30s people were happy about it because they’d seen my disease up close and hoped I would stop. Well, that didn’t happen either. When I was finally able to stop in my 40s, no one thought I was crazy. They were shocked that I could. Finally.
We get a ton of messages from followers about how they’re losing their friends, their boyfriends, or even family members when they quit drinking. We tell them that it’s tough for people to see the change you’re going through and that if they want the best for you they’ll understand and support you. Oftentimes I see that the people who don’t want to look at their own addictions are threatened by those of us who have quit. They don’t like the mirror. We don’t tell anyone to stop drinking or using if they’re not ready. It’s none of our business. We do try, however, to show others what life looks like on this side and the view is pretty fucking stellar. Keep it simple today, sober family.

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