Drinking Doesn’t Make Me SophistIcated

When I was growing up, I saw so many images romanticizing and glamorizing alcohol.

I just knew when I grew up, I’d be able to drink. And I’d be sooo worldly and charming and cosmopolitan.

I grew up. I embraced and celebrated happy hour and wine with dinner and girls night out.

The sad thing is I always had a good life with wonderful friends and family, but so many of our experiences were fuzzy or even ruined by alcohol.

When I have a drink in my hand, I am exactly the opposite of what I want to be. I want to be engaged, interested, and happy. What happens when I start drinking is… well… I never know.

I might be sappy, morose, giddy, weepy, promiscuous, or any kind of a mess.

I didn’t drink today. And tomorrow, I’m going to do all the things I do that keep me on the sober path. It’s a beautiful life. I want to be present for it.

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