The Dangers of Drinking too Much

For this sister, drinking increased the chance of bad decisions by like a zillion percent.

There were the sightly cringey discoveries of sappy text messages I wouldn’t have sent sober (or drafted, or even thought of, for that matter).

There were the shameful hazy memories of gossiping about people or harassing them with sarcastic, rude “humor.” Just take me out back and put me out of my misery.

Then there are the really bad decisions. Driving drunk. Picking relationship-ending fights, drunk. Those things I thought I’d never get over, the things that made me feel nearly unredeemable.

Then, worst of all, there were the few times I for blackout drunk and unable to make conscious choices. The times when I was in dangerous situations and did not have the capacity to even try to escape.

For this sister, drinking is dangerous. It’s been called a slow way to kill yourself. I have a feeling it wasn’t going down like that for me. I have a feeling that I somehow, miraculously, got safe and got sober, and that if I test fate ever once more, I won’t be ok.

I feel so much more safe and secure now that I always have my wits about me.

Stay safe out there, sober family ♥️

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