Sober sunday

it’s still incredible to me that I can wake up on a Sunday feeling good, even after 2.5 years of sobriety. When you spent decades feeling like you were going to die every Sunday it feels like a miracle to wake up happy, not anxious, and not lying on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet. I’ve done some reading on hangxiety because the worst part of my hangovers was always the panicked feeling I couldn’t shake. I know now that it’s because of the extreme high of the night before that my body needed to reset the next day. What I knew then was that I thought I was doing to die. Couple that with the evidence of my asshole behavior and reminders via photos and texts, voicemails and credit card bills, and where I woke up, and I was in for a horrific day. It’s a wonderful feeling now not to have to wake up and put out all the fires I’d lit the night before while feeling like I was going to puke up my intestines. I’m not going back. Have a wonderful Sunday, sober family.
#sober #sobriety #soberaf #sobersisters

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