12 Steps

As I was listenting to an online AA meeting I was struck with the thought that anyone can benefit from a 12 step recovery program. They don’t necesarily need to be alcholics or drug addicts. The steps are a way of life, a way of changing the way I think, act, and respond. It’s often said that alcohol was what we used as a solution to our problems. We don’t only have a drinking problem, we have a thinking problem. Our steps ask us to recognize the issues that have caused unmanagibility in our lives, admit our fault and ask for forgiveness, and do the next right thing. This is a VERY short synopsis but you get the idea. Isn’t that good advice for anyone? Follow the golden rule? Pay it forward and be humble enough to admit any wrongdoing? I think so. We also recognize that there is a power greater than ourselves that can restore us to sanity. I know I tried to stop drinking on my own accord and that never lasted more than three consecutive days. Something else had to help me. My Higher Power is God but I know others who say theirs is nature or a Group of Drunks. Whatever helps you reccognize that we’re NOT in control is fine by me. Not that it’s my business. The fact is that when we do good things, the kindness spreads like confetti. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, sober family.

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