Sober as a MoTher

The Mommy wine culture isn’t for me. I don’t need a drink to get through the day. I don’t care for fruity, girly, pretty drinks. When I drank I’d down shots of straight vodka or bourbon. I’d drink bottles of wine, not just a few glasses. The light beers and spritzers weren’t for me. Wtf is the point of a Truly? Maybe the marketing pros are onto something. Maybe they want to package their ethanol in pretty bottles and promote the fact that moms work hard and they deserve a drink. Regular moms do! Not this mom. I’m a drunk. Run of the mill, garden variety alkie. A pretty drink won’t do it for me. It could be a good (or bad) start! It could be a breakfast if I had 8 of them. I’m a better mother without it. I can be present and awake. I’m not a raging bitch and anxious 24/7. One drink leads me on a path to destruction and misery. It affects everyone around me, whether I tell myself that I’m only hurting myself or not. There was nothing more pitiful than seeing myself as a mom in my 40s trying to hold it together drunk and falling all over the place. Not a classy look. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday.

alcoholicsanonymous #soberaf #sobriety #soberwomen #soberissexy

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