Sobriety is Not a Life Sentence

Quite to the contrary. When we walked away from alcohol, that bastard, we were pissed.

We were feeling the shame of how we felt and behaved in active addiction and we didn’t have our coping tool, by then the primary and seemingly necessary crutch.

We didn’t feel well. Our minds weren’t working correctly; our thinking was fuzzy. We both got addicted to candy.

It takes time to start to feel better and stronger. We didn’t get there overnight. We got there overnight after overnight, by just not drinking, no matter what.

Then the fog and shame started to lift. We started to be able to talk to other people who knew exactly how we felt and even how we thought. (Really. It’s spooky.)

We stared to notice we had more energy. We stared to feel proud of ourselves. We took care of things we’d neglected for years, and started healing relationships.

Now it feels like we are free of a prison of our own making.

It’s so much better on this side. 🖤👯‍♀️

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