I used to ignore my intuition. If it told me not to do something and I still wanted to do it, I’d ignore it. My intuition told me not to drink so much. It told me to stop making stupid choices and then complain about the outcomes. I numbed this little voice in my head for many years by drinking. I wanted what I wanted and I wouldn’t listen to anyone, even myself. This pattern continued for decades. I’d complain about bad things happening TO me. I didn’t realize or recognize that I was responsible for my choices and actions and that there was nobody to blame but myself.

Now that I’m sober I can actually hear what my intuition is telling me. I don’t brush off or ignore red flags anymore. I take responsibility for my actions and try to do the right thing every day. I ask for advice and show up for friends. I take care of my shit with a smile on my face. It’s not always easy but it is always worth it.

Keep it simple, sisters and brothers.

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