Positive Energy

Our friends and family members have expressed to us that our energy and vibe is so much more positive now that we’re sober. We didn’t realize that the negative ways that we were feeling during active drinking was affecting anyone else. I told myself that I was only hurting myself in my drinking days. I have come to realize that anyone who comes into contact with me is going to experience some sort of ripple effect by the way that I treat them. When I was drunk I didn’t care about anyone else. When I was hungover I was short-tempered, easily irritated, and physically ill.

Now I try to treat others as I would want someone to treat my son. I am more understanding, patient, and forgiving. I smile and laugh easily. Positive attracts positive. My sis and I try to pay it forward and offer a bit of experience and reality to our sober community. We also pay attention to and spend time with others who are traveling this recovery road with us.

Keep it simple, ya’ll.

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