Spread the Love

I’ve been thinking about how I got sober. I knew there was a significant problem with my drinking and I just didn’t know how to stop. For me, it came to an intervention. I had family and friends at my doorstep with their letters and tears in their eyes. It worked. I went to treatment and have been sober since.

I think about the people who took the time and energy to come to this intervention. It couldn’t have been easy for them. One of my friends was so sick and upset about it she threw up. I could be mean, you see. They knew that.

I am eternally grateful for the people who cared enough to call me out and get me the help I so desperately needed. This is one way I choose to repay them.

I spread love and positivity to those around me. I show others that a sober life is a happy, fulfilled, wonderful life that is full of surprises. If I get blue I think of how bad it got at the end. We attract what we project. I choose to attract kind, loving, honest people.

It’s the least I can do. Keep it simple, sisters and brothers. Spread your joy like glitter. It makes a difference.

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