We Don’t Drink, No Matter What

My sister and I had different paths to sobriety, at least if you look at external circumstances (some of those were eerily similar though, fancy that)!

In the spring of 2018 we both made final decisions to not drink no matter what.

No fancy occasion is worth trading in the self respect we have. No heartbreak gets better adding poison and drama. Numbing over grief has rooted it so deep it nearly ate us alive.

We tell ourselves whatever we need to, to get through a day. We go to recovery meetings. We record a sober podcast, take a bath, take a nap, watch a a show, binge eat candy, ride an exercise bike, go to the beach, cry in a corner, breathe deeply. It just depends on what we need to do to get us through every moment AS LONG AS IT’S NOT A DRINK.

We can tell you from hard earned experience, drinking did not solve our problems. Usually it was like more like throwing lighter fluid on the fire.

We aren’’t saints. We still do things we aren’t proud of. But every day we get through without a drink is a win for women like us.

We don’t drink, no matter what what.

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