Monday Mood

Happy Monday, friends! I woke up hangover free which is always a bonus.

Today I’ve been thinking about how Mondays used to fill me with dread. I’d be stressing out about the work week, thinking about all of the “mom” things I needed to get done, and tell myself that I wasn’t going to drink during the week which caused a day-long underlying feeling of anxiety.

My nerves were always shot on Mondays because Sundays meant a free for all drinking day! Wake up and have “brunch” with a Bloody or three (I didn’t really EAT because who wants food calories?), would “enjoy” a day with several beers here and there, and finish off the night with a bottle and a half of wine. Needless to say I didn’t get anything productive done so I’d wake up on Mondays kicking myself for that. The Sunday blues turned into the Monday MOTHER FUCUUUUCCCKKKK.

What kind of life is that? I always would have to drink those Monday nights because it was all just “too much”. NO shit it was too much! I was poisoning myself and thinking only of MYSELF. Talk about a selfish, self-indulgent way to live.

Now Mondays are another day. Another day to be grateful for all that I have. Another day to feel happy and healthy. Another day to be a good mom to my amazing son. I could go on for hours about the benefits of sobriety but I won’t bore you with that this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Don’t forget to keep it simple.

xoxoxoox, Tammie

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