If I move, I’ll Puke

Good HANGOVER FREE Saturday morning! I can’t even describe how sick I was for so many years. I was ALWAYS hungover. My liver was failing. My stomach was torn the f up. Every morning when I’d brush my teeth I’d have to rush to the toilet to throw up. Every. Single. Day. I’d justify it though. I’d say “Well everyone probably throws up if the toothbrush hits the back of their throat”. My hair was falling out. My teeth were permanently purple from the red wine. I had eye drops with me at all times because my eyes were so bloodshot. The spider veins were kickin on my cheeks. I couldn’t do anything and everything that I wanted to do. I was sick. All the time. When I did what I “had” to do I bitched about it and then had to come home to “rest”. What kind of a life is that? It’s an existence, not a life. Now I find joy in the things that I GET to do. I have energy and find excitement and happiness in my day to day tasks. I’m not saying everything is easy…but it’s a hell of a lot easier sober. Not sick. Have a fabulous Saturday friends!

Love, Tammie

Keep it simple, sisters

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