No more Lies

Happy Thursday!

Today my sister and I have been talking about honesty. It was a daily challenge during my drinking years to lie about and hide my alcohol use. I’d hide bottles all over the house and lie to friends and family about how much I was drinking. What an awful way to live. Couple that with “hangxiety” and my nerves were fried.

I’ve always said that I can put up with just about anything…as long as one is honest about it. If you lie to me about one thing it’s difficult to trust anything you say. I’ve noticed that (some, not all) alcoholics are able to lie and it seems like second nature. Why is that, you ask? Well…I have some thoughts.

We, as alcoholics, use alcohol to mask and numb our true feelings and emotions. We wash the real issues down with our beverage of choice. Until we get true sobriety, the defect of dishonesty will hang on just like a monkey on our back. A noose around our neck. Shackles around our ankles. You get the idea.

Now I’m honest. Maybe to a fault. I refuse to look in the mirror at a liar, a manipulator, or a fraud.

I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday and don’t forget to keep it simple, sisters!

Love, Tammie

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