Bye Bye Barriers

Hello Friends and Sisters!

I was just thinking about why it took me so long to become alcohol free when I knew deep down I really had a problem. 

People talk about this ad nauseum. Why do some people (let’s stick with women) who clearly need help not just go to rehab or AA already? 
Some common answers include: she didn’t hit her bottom yet; she’s not willing to admit she’s an alcoholic; and she refuses to give her life over to God. I fit all of these at one point. 
Good news, ladies. There are still places for you if you don’t identify as an alcoholic. If AA isn’t your thing. If you’re not sure you want to stop drinking. Resources. Groups. Books. Podcasts. Blogs. You can always start here with the Sober Sisters. Or you can drop by, decide it’s not quite right, and keep searching. 

My thought for the day is I believe we all know, deep down, what’s right for us. That we can take what works and leave the rest. That not conforming to one recovery program or another doesn’t mean failure. On the contrary. It means we are reclaiming ourselves. 

Nowadays I trust myself. Well maybe not my thinking all the time. But my gut? The seat of my knowing? That, I trust. And the way I carved out to live alcohol free? The way that isn’t exactly like anyone else’s way? I trust that too. 

Thanks for being here! Happy Wednesday!

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