No Matter What

Happy Saturday Sober Sister Fam!
This is Nicole. I was thinking about how happy I am to make a decision to stop drinking and not question it NO MATTER WHAT. It’s a decision, not a discussion. Or a debate. Or negotiation. 
I tell alcohol what I tell any child of mine daring to disrespect me: “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”
Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Alcohol.
For awhile when boozy occasions beckoned me, I just said “No, thank you,” and walked on by. These days I can be around drinkers, as a solid, committed nondrinker. No problem. As long as I check my motives and have a good reason to be in that place at that time with those people, it’s not an issue.
It’s like eating out with friends. I don’t eat meat but they can and it means nothing. It’s a neutral state. Because I made a decision and stuck to it. I don’t eat meat. I don’t drink. 

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