Find A Tribe

Good Tuesday morning Sober Sisters! Brothers too. 🙂

There are so many things the sisters use to stay sober each day. Different strategies work on different days. We think what works depends on where we are emotionally and spiritually that day. Some days all we can do is just not pick up that first drink. Some days we attend a 12 step meeting. Some days we reach out and help a newcomer who is struggling with sobriety. One thing that works for us each and every day is talking with each other. If I didn’t have a sober biological sister I’d reach out to another sober sis in my fellowship.

I got a kick to the solar plexus a few days ago. I saw something on social media that literally knocked me down. It was hurtful and I was NOT in a good place. The first person I called was my sister. She grounded me and reminded me that “this too shall pass”. She is also upfront and honest and won’t EVER co-sign my bullshit and showed me my part in the whole situation. She helped me remember that my ego gets in the way of my growth and peace.

I hope you all have at least one sister you can call when life beats you up. We’re here for you too.

Keep it simple sisters!

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