Bitch, You Don’t Drink Like That


Who woke up sober today? 👯‍♀️⭐️🔥🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

My sister and I were just talking. Here’s the lowdown on that little chat. On a holiday weekend such as this, one might romanticize, glamorize, or even obsess over the drink.

It’s the little things we miss, those incredible moments. The glistening ✨ of a lovely wine glass 🍷 by the firelight 🔥. The clink of champagne glasses and a sip to toast the happy couple. Primping in the mirror, getting pretty, glass in hand.

Guess what Denial O’Bullsh*t?

See if this hits you between the eyes.

“Bitch, you don’t drink like that.”

We heard someone say that in a women’s recovery meeting and immediately recognized the truth in it.

Here’s what it actually looked like when we were drinking.

Trying to walk sexy in that awsome dress and swaying a little and tripping on a curb and falling on our face or ass. Shamelessly flirting (and god help us all, maybe even more) with that man we sort of vaguely remember the next day. And that memory plus the hangover make us puke. Watching our hands grab for a drink the very next day, like through a dissociative veil, feeling hopeless and crazy. Promising ourselves we’d only have one (or maybe theee, max), at some event or gathering where we need to appear as together as we pretend to be. Trying to keep the drinking and behavior all chill and under the radar in front of the kids. And failing. And trying to hold it together on the outside but broken in a million pieces on the inside.

That’s just us. We don’t know about you.

You know what we romanticize today? Living life in our own terms, doing what we want and staying strong and empowered. That freedom from a cycle of crazy-making self-abuse. Family time. Rewarding work. Being unapologetically ourselves. Not living two lives and falling apart when we couldn’t remember which one is the real us. Real friends. Hope and excitement for what another day in the sober life has to bring.

That might sound a little like we’re blowing smoke up your you-know-what but this fantasy? We are living it. Hand to God. Even the sh*ttiest day sober is better than the best day drinking.

There’s our thought of the day. What do you think about romanticizing drinking?

One response to “Bitch, You Don’t Drink Like That”

  1. Great post! I agree wholeheartedly and I romanticize sitting outside on a warm summer evening having a glass of crisp white wine. Sadly, it’s never just one glass, though.


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